8/ Mound Bayou: Making Terms with the Enemy

8/ Mound Bayou: Making Terms with the Enemy


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Back on Episode One, I told you about Hurricane Plantation on Davis Bend south of Vicksburg, a plantation owned by the brother of the President of the Confederacy. I told you then that the story of Hurricane Bend has another chapter. This episode is that chapter, the next chapter in the story of Davis Bend. Mississippi: the establishment of pioneering all-Black settlement in the Mississippi Delta. Join us as we stop in Mound Bayou, learn about how white people co-opted and sentimentalized a landmark of Black independence, and how its visionary founder ultimately contributed to the vengeful return of white supremacy to Mississippi law in 1890. This is The DETOURIST.

This week’s episode features a special excerpt from my forthcoming book, A DEEPER SOUTH: The Beauty, Mystery, and Sorrow of the Southern Road. Available for pre-order now!

[00:00:00] Didn’t See That One Coming: How Jefferson Davis’s Brother Influenced The Foundation of an All-Black Town

[00:03:06] Mississippi 1890: We Don’t Like Equality After All

[00:06:02] An Experiment in Eccentricity

[00:08:36] Here Come the Whites

[00:11:04] The Crowe’s Nest: The Signs Don’t Say Everything

[00:12:53] Mound Bayou Hitches Its Wagon to the Booker T. Washington Express Train

[00:14:32] “A Noble Speech” Has Disastrous Results

[00:20:00] Frederick Douglass Would Like a Word

[00:22:49] The Delta Is Ready When You Are

A virtual road trip through the landscape of memory in the American South.