2 / Phantom River: The Mississippi Ain't Where It Used to Be

2 / Phantom River: The Mississippi Ain't Where It Used to Be


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“Vicksburg, Mississippi, used to be a riverfront town, but it’s not anymore.”

One of the Mississippi River’s most prominent nineteenth century steamboat hubs was by the middle of the twentieth a shadow of its former self. Learn how a massive flood altered the city’s fortunes and gave us one of the most extraordinary map series of the century, and how modern technology is adding a new dimension to those old maps. We will also learn about oxbow lakes, bodies of water orphaned by the ever-shifting river, and how some historical events, like the Vicksburg massacre, become like ‘oxbow lakes’ of history, removed from the main thoroughfare of American memory.

[00:00] The Historical Significance of Vicksburg
[01:41] A Riverfront Town No More
[04:05 Every river has a story
[05:00 Where Would You Like Me to Put this River, Sir?
[06:13] God Said, “Out on Highway 61”
[07:44] Harold Fisk and the Mississippi River Commission
[10:33] Oxbow Lakes & The Interstate of American Memory

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