Fascinating look at the Percys. As for the 1927 flood, you could add to the reading list Faulkner's "The Wild Palms," in which (in one of the story lines) a convict is sent off into the flood waters to rescue a pregnant woman. It includes this gem of a sentence about the river:

"... it occurred to him that the present condition was no phenomenon of a decade, but that the intervening years during which it consented to bear upon its placid and sleepy bosom the frail mechanicals of man's clumsy contriving was the phenomenon and this the norm and the river was now doing what it liked to do, had waited patiently the ten years in order to do, as a mule will work for you ten years for the privilege of kicking you once."

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relevant here > https://www.ddtonline.com/top-stories-local-content/patriot-moving-jackson

The Percys, due to cost of and concern for care of the monument, are moving the Patriot to the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson

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