As usual, I come away from an interaction with what you have written learning and maybe not quite challenged, but certainly inspired to reconsider things, and grateful that I have been given a soundtrack for work on a Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving. Great stuff, man. Toe-tappingy, head-bobbing great stuff - except the slower tunes, of course.

Never had heard of Big Star (sorta hooked now), Cat Power (wow!) or a few others that got me odd looks through the open door of my office. Might have been the volume was a tad higher than usual. As a guilty party who had shrugged off REM many years ago, I actually can't stop listening to them today. So many good and maybe not-so-good reasons, but what a group. And what a playlist, more of a soundtrack of 58 years in ways you could not possibly have known.

And the bands play on. Thanks for the great book and for this playlist that is at once eclectic yet has so much in common. Glad I stumbled upon A Deeper South a few years ago - so recent? It seems I've known of you and your writing much longer than that. Never has it been something to detract from my humanity or my time, but it is always a lift to my thinking and the day in which that thinking has been constructively provoked. Best always to you and your family and those closest to you.

Looking forward to the book this next year. Happy and safe travels as they occur.

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Thank you, Darren! (TBH I had never heard of Big Star either!)

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